The 10 best left-backs in the world in 2023, ranked

3 July 2023 - 5:45 pm


Full-backs are easy to overlook, but they’re becoming more and more important in the modern game, especially for elite teams who have possession and need that extra width.They need that width in order to free space for attackers in the middle and provide extra ground for chance creation

Left-backs tend to be scarcer than right-backs because there are fewer left-footed players. Therefore, having a left-back who can defend well and create plenty of quality chances is the dream of every top team. And some clubs, such as Juventus and Real Madrid, have found suitable solutions to the difficulties.

Here are the best left-backs in the world today, and this list is subject to update and change as performances fluctuate and breakout stars emerge.

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10. Neto Borges

Most fans don’t know who Neto Borges is, but the Clermont left-back is actually the best player in the position in Ligue 1 for 2022/23. Borges raised his club to a level that surprised everyone. Clermont Foot is eighth in the standings, even higher than Nice and Lorient. They are also only three points away from Lyon.

Borges was the best player on the team with a total of 3.5 tackles and interceptions, leading the defense by a wide margin. He averaged a total of 2.8 dribbles and 2.8 fouls per game. The 26-year-old Brazil international is not the most well-known player in the position, nor is he the most exciting player, but after such a hardworking and productive season, he should be considered one of the best currently , especially in defense.

9. Ben Chilwell

While we’re still waiting to see Ben Chilwell at his best and at his absolute best for Chelsea, the former Leicester City man must now be rated as the best player in the world because of his all-around game and ability. One of the good left backs. Quality when he’s 100 percent.

Chilwell has excelled in the 2022/23 Champions League, showing his quality on the biggest stage, creating almost two chances per game and defending brilliantly. Chilwell, who has entered the peak of his career, is also a key member of Chelsea’s Champions League victory in the 2020/21 season.

8. Jose Gaya

Valencia captain Jose Gaja needs to be given so much praise and credit, and his commitment to the club has never wavered. Last season, when the team needed help, Gaya stepped forward to help the Bats avoid the decline and became one of the best left backs in La Liga for a consecutive season.

A defensive warrior whose passing quality and athleticism are key assets in attack, Gaya is a model of consistency for Valencia and one of the standard-setters at left-back. Gaya is undoubtedly the best player on the team, as evidenced by his 14 assists over the past three seasons.

Gaya averaged 2.6 tackles and 1.9 key passes per game last season, both in defense and attack, cementing himself as one of the best left-backs in the world. Gaya is never far behind when it comes to overall impact on the bottom line.

7. Mario Rui

For a full-back on a top team in contention for the title, being able to change the game in attack is hugely important, with Mario Rui proving to be key to Napoli’s Serie A and Champions League triumphs in 2022/23. Ruy helped unleash the full potential of Partenope’s attack, overlapping or overlapping left-winger Hevicha Kvaratsheria. He even stayed in the back as an auxiliary midfielder, building the attack with crosses and crosses from these areas.

Rui Rui’s technical quality has paid off hugely for Napoli, with the 32-year-old finishing the 2022/23 season as one of Italian football’s most consistent creative influences. He contributed directly to 6 goals through assists and made an impressive 2.1 key passes per game for Parternopé. That’s a lot for any position and world-class for a defender.

Ruy commits 1.4 fouls per game, and he’s in contention whether it’s on the wing or in midfield. He’s far from the best defender on the left, but his impact and chance creation more than make up for his rather mediocre defensive performances.

6. Alexander Zinchenko

Oleksandr Zinchenko is one of Arsenal’s many game-changing signings ahead of the 2022/23 season. The former City man played a key role in the Gunners’ run to the Premier League title, providing ample leadership and crucial tactical flexibility.

Thanks to Zinchenko’s keen reading of the game and technical ability, he can dominate the passing and build-up phases, finding teammates in progressive positions like a world-class midfielder. This allowed Zinchenko to also be used as an auxiliary midfielder, which added to the stability of Arsenal’s formation in possession.

Zinchenko seldom missed passes and performed his defensive duties brilliantly. His consistency could easily lead to him being underrated, but Arsenal fans understand how good he is.

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5. Andrew Robertson

Liverpool’s 2022/23 season has been disappointing and many star players like Andrew Robertson have suffered as a result. However, his reputation as one of the best left-backs in the world should remain intact, and as his teams have better seasons, he should improve individually and as one of the top three players in the position return.

For now, Robertson is still in the top five. His intensity makes him a fierce contender and someone no winger would want to play against, especially since they know they have to defend a lot. Robertson’s skill level may be overshadowed by right-back maestro Trent Alexander-Arnold, but the Scotland international is also one of the best football crossers in the world.

Robertson has contributed at least seven assists in five different Premier League seasons and his defensive efforts have never been questioned. There should be rebound activity in 2023/24.

4. Alphonso Davies

Once considered the best left-back in the world, Alphonso Davies has slipped down the rankings for two reasons. First and foremost, the players ahead of him in 2022/23 are undeniably incredible. But secondly, Davies hadn’t progressed enough technically and his team left chances with poor shots and poor crosses.

Despite his flaws, Davis is still a world-class player at left-back. He’s a good defender thanks to his work rate, and despite his relatively poor finishing, that same intensity allows him to create plenty of chances. In Bayern Munich last season, Davis still averaged nearly two key passes and far more than two dribbles per game.

While Dirothen may quietly worry about some of his defensive inconsistencies and technical flaws, Davies remains a huge asset for Bayern as no one else in the world can cover as much ground on both ends of the pitch as he does. . Davis is a prime example of how progression is often the most important thing for a guard.

3. Nuno Mendes

PSG wisely signed Nuno Mendes as Sporting Lisbon’s special prospect and created one of the best attacking widths in world football between the Portugal international and Morocco superstar Ashraf Hakimi on the right. axis.

Mendes is arguably more impressive than Hakimi in 2022/23, as he shines in games where his team-mates disappoint, such as against Bayern in the Champions League.

Mendes dished out a total of 5 assists and completed a total of 2.7 dribbles and fouls per game. Mendes, who is only 21 years old, has shown the stability and overall quality of a player at his peak. He’s still figuring out the knack of playing at the highest level, but he’s a decisive player who often makes the right decisions. Mendes did a lot of running to provide the attackers with the support they needed, but he had to limit his attacking efforts to compensate for Paris’ deficient centre-backs and midfielders.

Mendes is a special player on both ends of the floor. Paris Saint-Germain players tend to get overlooked outside of major superstars – like Marco Verratti – but Mendes deserves everyone’s attention as a true world-class talent.

2. Alejandro Balde

As impressive as Nuno Mendes was at 21, Alejandro Baldé’s breakthrough for La Liga champions Barcelona at 19 was indeed One of the greatest stories in Spanish football last season. The level that Balde showed at the left-back position in his youth can be called the peak of history. Exhibiting all-around ability and composure at the position is extremely difficult, but Balder was able to execute advanced positional cues and passing mechanics by the end of the season.

The fast-improving full-back has shown no major weaknesses in the 2022/23 Lembugrana squad, and even has the playmaker proud with his build-up in the final third and through balls behind the defence. Balde delivered a staggering six assists in La Liga in the 2022/23 season and averaged 1.5 dribbles per game, making the left-winger almost Robert Lewandowski’s second choice as a significant step-up option. Forward, aggressive inside.

Even better, Balde has had a profound impact on Barcelona’s attack while still being part of one of the best defenses in La Liga. You can count on one hand the number of times he’s been beaten all season. Balder is a smart and disciplined guard who stands above his peers. His ability to help the offense without sacrificing defense is incredible. You won’t find many young left-backs in history who can do what he does.

1. Theo Hernandez

Theo Hernandez has been an impressive player as the current world number one left-back and is also one of the most dynamic attacking threats in the position thanks to his athleticism and technical quality . Hernandez can score some of the nicest goals you’ll see from this position, and he does it from great distance. He can shoot from distance – scorching the back of the net – or he can score one-on-one from deep in his own half, breaking through the entire defence.

Hernandez took a big step forward for AC Milan in 2022/23 as leader and defender at left-back, something he needed to do given the sudden instability of the defense around him. The 25-year-old is truly making his way to the top of world football and has become a game-changer at elite winger level.